Summer Internship Applications are Open!

The Detroit Justice Center seeks passionate legal interns to join our team. DJC is founded on the belief that we cannot build cities that work for everyone without remedying the impacts of mass incarceration and transforming our justice system. This mission requires innovative ways of community lawyering—rooted in defensive and offensive fights for racial justice and economic equity—that build up our poorest residents through direct services and novel approaches to land use, housing, and employment.

Our interns will join our team in Detroit to work on a varied caseload, including advocacy, direct representation, litigation, community education, and research. Interns will engage with our multi-faceted approach to movement lawyering, community engagement and policy change.  

Over ten weeks, our interns will see first-hand the unique opportunities and challenges of implementing a movement lawyering approach in Detroit. Interns will receive structured training to develop and deepen their understanding of movement lawyering through a curriculum of weekly readings, seminars, and reflections. We will also be partnering with other movement lawyering organizations, including Ayuda Legal Puerto Rico, Community Justice Project, and Law for Black Lives, to host an opening retreat and cross-organizational exchanges, so interns can learn about, and engage with, other organizational approaches to movement lawyering.

Our goal is to train and develop the next generation of movement lawyers. We hope you’ll apply.

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