become a freedom dream sustainer

Detroit Justice Center’s Freedom Dream Sustainers are the recurring donors who sustain DJC for the long haul.

Their ongoing support allows us to work directly with Detroit’s “solutionaries” – the community organizers and activists on the frontlines – to realize our wildest freedom dreams and build the just world we all deserve.

Become a Freedom Dream Sustainer by signing up for a recurring giving plan at the frequency that works best for you: weekly, monthly, or annually.

Why is recurring support so important?

Recurring, grassroots giving is the #1 way to make an impact because it ensures that our work at DJC is well-resourced and aligned with our values. Instead of having to rely on big philanthropy, we rely on our community to keep us around for as long as we’re needed.

Over 400 Freedom Dream Sustainers currently provide a stream of support to DJC on a regular basis, ensuring that our movement is resourced year-round and not just in times of crisis.

What are the benefits of being a Freedom Dream Sustainer?

  • An efficient and automatic way to make an impact all year long
  • Invitations to special events like live podcast recordings & trainings
  • Bi-monthly emails with impact updates & action alerts
  • First dibs on volunteer service opportunities
  • An amazing community of people who share your values and hopes for the future

How do I update or make changes to my recurring gift?

You can edit your account information to increase, decrease, or cancel your recurring donation in a variety of ways. Reach out to Carly, our Senior Development Associate at 313-749-9734 or by email: or log into your donor account to change the donation amount or your payment method by following these instructions.

Meet A Freedom Dream Sustainer!

“I joined the Freedom Dream Sustainers because, at this point in my life, I long to be a part of a movement that has real solutions to age-old abuse and neglect of Black and Brown communities. Being a Sustainer at the Detroit Justice Center allows me to support a mission equally concerned with tearing down inequitable, unjust systems and building up new systems that work for all people’s well-being and belonging.”

Douglas Manigault III (he/him) has nearly a decade of experience as a movement-focused fundraiser and currently serves as the Vice President of Development at State Innovation Exchange (SiX). In this role, Douglas develops strategies for long-term philanthropic partnerships, provides thought-leadership to the agency regarding effective donor engagement, and manages individual and institutional relationships as a leader on the Development Team at SiX.

Our Fundraising Approach

Gift Acceptance Policy

The Detroit Justice Center (DJC) is a non-profit law firm working alongside communities to create economic opportunities, transform the justice system, and promote equitable and just cities.

  • We are committed to individual and collective liberation—and recognize the two as inseparable.
  • We come to this work with a sense of responsibility, and a deep desire to use our training and talents to serve our community.
  • We work with our clients in a way that cultivates dignity and autonomy. We respect and honor each person’s humanity, we seek to understand their stories and circumstances, and we hold their freedom dreams as sacred.
  • We are committed to democratizing access to the law. We regard clients as partners in our mission. Rather than serving as gatekeepers, we aim to share tools so that people can understand, navigate, and transform disempowering systems.
  • We approach our work with a sense of joy, creativity, and purpose. We are nimble problem-solvers who look for innovative ways to respond to our community’s needs and expand our collective understanding of what is possible.
  • We value our relationships above all. We work at a pace that allows us to build deep trust with our partners and clients. We reach out to others for support and direction, and we communicate with self-awareness, empathy, and humility. Should conflicts arise, we are committed to calling each other in using practices that restore rather than punish.
  • We are hopeful; we believe that the best possible outcome is attainable and we work toward it.
  • We help our clients gain economic independence, and work to redistribute power and wealth. We work toward a society in which abundance is shared for the collective good.
  • We take our cues from movements that are fighting for racial justice and economic equity.
  • We are committed to cultivating the leadership of marginalized individuals and groups, including Black people, people of color, indigenous people, immigrants, women, LGBTQ people, people with disabilities, people involved in the criminal legal system, and people who have loved ones currently or formerly in the criminal legal system.
  • We value the collective wisdom of intergenerational experiences, and harness the power it brings to our work.
  • We seek a balance of “defense, offense, and dreaming.” We must do what we can to alleviate present suffering. We are also committed to transformational change and building a template for a more just society. It is not enough to focus on what we are fighting against; we must focus on what we are fighting for. We invite people to dream of a better future and to work toward it with us.

DJC relies on a broad community of donors to sustain our work. We see the sharing of financial resources as a critical investment in our mission. In addition to financial contributions, our donors share their personal experiences, insights, community relationships and creativity within DJC.

We strive to build strong donor relationships based on clear communication, trust, and a shared vision of justice for all people. We take donor privacy seriously and can work with you to ensure that your needs are met. We will not share or sell any donor’s personal information with anyone else or send mailings or email on behalf of other organizations.

We know that receiving a donation is a financial but also personal investment from each of our donors, and take seriously the responsibility to put each gift to the maximum possible use.

DJC accepts gifts primarily from individuals, foundations, and organizations that share a commitment to our values. We reserve the right to decline gifts from individuals or institutions that advocate viewpoints or take actions that fundamentally contradict those values.

DJC does not generally accept direct corporate donations. However, DJC will consider employee recommended gifts including matching contributions, donor advised funds, employee designations and support from employee sponsored resource and affinity groups. In some specific instances, such as mission-aligned social justice focused funds, DJC may accept or pursue financial contributions or grants from corporations. These considerations are made on a case by case basis with the members of the development team. Considerations above $50,000 are reviewed with and approved by DJC’s Executive Director. Considerations of $250,000 or above are reviewed and approved by DJC’s Executive Director and the DJC Board of Directors.

This policy may be amended from time to time at the Detroit Justice Center’s discretion.