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CLT Introductory Sessions

CLT Introductory Sessions

Join DJC’s Community Legal Advocates (CLA) for a free introductory session on community land trusts (CLT), how they work, and how they are governed and structured with an emphasis on how to purchase or rent a home or commercial building in a CLT. Learn about the benefits and challenges of CLTs across the country, and more specifically, in the city we love, Detroit!

Visit us here to sign up for an upcoming Introductory Session!

CLT Bootcamp

CLT Bootcamp 

After attending an Introductory Session, you and your community group or organization are eligible to register for our CLT Bootcamp.  The bootcamp will teach and help you start to apply concrete skills and tools for starting a CLT in your neighborhood. CLT Bootcamp sessions will cover topics, such as entity formation, board training, fundraising, community engagement, and more.  

Upon completing the bootcamp, you will be eligible to receive your CLT ‘Path to Readiness’ Certification!    

To offset the cost of materials provided, services, and time of our team members to facilitate the bootcamp, there is a $250 fee for all CLT Bootcamp participant groups.  $250 per group, not per individual!  

*Please note that all new EEP clients must have completed the CLT Bootcamp and have attended an Introductory Session with our CLAs.  

Registration for our Bootcamp will open at the end of November 2023.

Prerequisites for DJC CLT Bootcamp

  1. Must have attended an Introductory Session with DJC’s Community Legal Advocates (CLA)!  
  2. Must have either: 
    1. (1)  2-4 people from your community group that is trying to build a CLT who are able to attend the Bootcamp sessions.
      • *Note that community groups should generally have at least 3 people from their neighborhood or area who are interested in learning more about CLTs, even if only 2 people will attend the Bootcamp. 
      • If your group would like to have more than 4 people attend the Bootcamp, additional participants may attend for additional fees of $50 per each additional person.   
    2. (2) 1-2 representatives of an existing organization simply interested in learning more about CLTs.  
  3. Bootcamp dates coming soon. Pre-register here.

CLT Bootcamp Sessions

CLT Bootcamp session topics will address the following topics and will include time for your group to consider the material covered, as it relates to your own specific community or organization’s work: 

  • CLT Basics (Refresher);
  • CLT Visioning;
  • Business Entity Basics for CLTs; 
  • Foundational & Governance Documents;
  • CLT Board of Directors Training;
  • Business Plan & Preliminary Budget;
  • Community Engagement Best Practices;
  • Fundraising; and
  • Next Steps.

Advanced CLT Classes

Advanced CLT Classes

After attending the CLT Bootcamp and an Introductory Session, you and your community group are eligible for our more advanced workshop(s) on Financing & Partnerships! We are excited to offer this advanced course for you with a real estate legal professional with a wealth of experience on affordable housing developments in Detroit.

This course is designed for community groups that have completed or substantially started items like neighborhood engagement and support, business planning, visioning, and who have a functional board and have either filed for or already received their tax-exempt status.

Receiving CLT ‘Path to Readiness’ Certification

The CLT ‘Path to Readiness’ Certification exam is designed to help your team retain and (continue to) apply what you learned in the Bootcamp. Studying for the certification will help prepare you to work with, and be a resource for, your neighborhood and community members aiming to build a successful CLT. The certification is also helpful when applying for grants and funding to support your neighborhood’s vision and work!

CLT ‘Path to Readiness’ Certification certifies that your team has:

  • 1. Completed and attended DJC’s Introductory and Bootcamp sessions;
  • 2. Received training on topics including CLT Fundamentals, CLT Structure & Governance, Project Fundraising, CLT Business Planning, Visioning, Entity Formation, Board Training, and Community Engagement; and
  • 3. Passed either an oral or written exam about CLTs and relevant information covered in Bootcamp sessions!

*All Bootcamp participants who have attended the sessions will have the opportunity to take the exam in their preferred format (written or oral) at the end of the Bootcamp.