How do I make a donation?

Thank you for your support! You can visit our Donate page to make a donation to DJC! And check out the many other ways to give. Please contact Carly Priehs at or 313-749-9734 with any questions.

I'm a journalist, how do I get in touch with DJC for comment?

What does the economic equity practice (EEP) do?

EEP supports community-based efforts to embrace returning citizens, nurture entrepreneurship, and transform local economies. EEP achieves this mission by focusing on:

  1. affordable housing in the form of community land trusts and community reinvestment trusts,
  2. transformative entrepreneurship in the form of worker-owned and democratically governed businesses (cooperatives) and related nonprofit services, and
  3. businesses run by returning citizens.

What services does EEP provide?

EEP does not handle litigation of any type or criminal matters. EEP attorneys do provide a variety of transactional legal services, including business entity formation, applications for nonprofit recognition, contract drafting, business restructuring, business consulting, and board training. EEP also provides community education and engagement services.

Who is eligible for EEP services?

The vast majority of EEP clients are organizations or communities based in Detroit, Highland Park, or Hamtramck. EEP provides limited transactional legal services to residents of Detroit, Highland Park, or Hamtramck who meet the following criteria:

  • Returning citizen or immediate family member of a returning citizen or immediate family member of a currently incarcerated individual; and
  • Have incomes that do not exceed 200 percent of federal poverty guidelines. The poverty guidelines are set by the federal government and can be found here.

How much does EEP charge?

Through the support of our sustaining donors and foundation partners, EEP is able to provide services at no direct cost. However, clients are responsible for any and all fees, including filing fees and registration fees.

What are Community Legal Advocates and what do they do?

DJCs Community Legal Advocates (CLAs) are dedicated process resources. They aren’t lawyers but know the ins and outs of interacting with city, county, and state government. CLAs also form the backbone of DJC’s community outreach efforts.

Legal Services: Do you take walk-in clients?

No. We get our clients from the following referral partners: 

  • Luck, Inc.
  • Federal Community Defender Office of the Eastern District of Michigan
  • FARM
  • Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation
  • COTS
  • Chance for Life
  • Brightmoor Connections Food Pantry
  • Restaurant Opportunities Center of Michigan
  • SER Metro
  • Neighborhood Defender Service 

If you would like to become a referral partner, please reach out to