Rasha Almulaiki in the 36h District Court

Rasha Almulaiki in the 36h District Court

How Detroit’s lone ‘bail disruptor’ is trying to reform criminal justice [MetroTimes]

From The Article:

“Almulaiki often meets pretrial incarcerates who, if she can help them get out of jail, have nowhere to go after. The problems for these individuals, she explains, are broader than just being locked up without conviction.

“They’re also homeless, and it could also be the fact that they can’t return to their actual home because of some court order,” she says. “It’s just layers upon layers of issues that we see our clients encounter. It’s been incredible to see, every day, the magnitude that we’re dealing with here.”

So far, with the help of the Bail project, the Detroit Justice Center has been able to bail out about 25 people detained pretrial — 23 of which arrived at their court date. This means that, so far, 92 percent of the time people have shown up to their trial without money incentivizing them. Ten of the DJC’s clients have already had their cases dismissed entirely.”

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