MDRJN’s Second Restorative Justice Training for Detroiters

Last day of training with the participants and facilitators!

DJC’s Metro Detroit Restorative Justice Network (MDRJN) concluded its second community RJ facilitator training on Saturday, October 28th!

We welcomed 11 incredible participants aged 22 to 65 and representing community block clubs, sexual violence crisis response teams, K-12 schools, community centers, and solution-minded community members! Over five weeks we learned about the principles and philosophy of restorative justice, how to identify situations where restorative justice might be an effective intervention, how to initiate conversations with participants, and the step-by-step process of planning for holding a restorative justice circle. We laughed, cried, shared stories, and built the foundation for a sustainable network of future practitioners and advocates for restorative justice! 

Participant shares her insights about the challenges of holding circles.

Shout out Vital Strategies for funding both training sessions (Spring and Fall 2023). With the support of the Kresge Foundation, the MDRJN will host two additional training sessions beginning in spring 2025. Additionally, much gratitude to our site partner, The Stoudamire at Eastside Community Network

Special thanks to MDRJN members, Lauren Fardig-Diop, Belinda Dulin, and Isha Bhatt, who co-facilitated the training along with Angel McKissic, DJC’s Senior Program Manager and MDRJN Founder.

Facilitator group photo, from left to right: Angel McKissic, Lauren Fardig-Diop, Belinda Dulin, Isha Bhatt.

Lastly, shout out to Dani Sanna (Our Financial Analyst), Tiffany Jones (Our Director of Finance & Operations), and Cidney Calloway (our Office Manager) who supported the admin side of putting this training together; from ordering supplies to processing participant stipends, their support is greatly appreciated!

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Last circle of the training. Participants received their Certificates of Completion and reflected on their experience in the training.
Participants pass the “talking piece” as they share their thoughts about learning how to hold RJ circles
Each participant/facilitator contributed an object to our collective “centerpiece”, an essential element in restorative justice circle. This centerpiece was part of our circle every week.
Facilitator, Belinda Dulin, explains the steps of holding a circle to the group.
A group of three participants role-play a mock circle.