Summer 2020 Newsletter


A Letter from our Executive Director

This is an extraordinary time. People have been in the streets for 43 days now, since George Floyd was killed on May 25. At the Detroit Justice Center, we’re honored to stand alongside those who are taking to the streets, shouting the names of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and so many others. Activists are clear that the reforms offered up in recent years have done nothing to keep Black people safe. All of the focus on more police training or body cameras or use-of-force protocols has only meant that billions of dollars have flowed to police departments, but the killings have continued. Instead, people are offering visions for true public safety: divesting from policing and investing in community health and well-being. At DJC, we are committed to helping to make solutions like these a reality for the people of Detroit and for our entire country.
We are proud to be part of a broader movement for abolition–a movement that recognizes it’s not enough to focus on what we’re tearing down or defunding. We must also focus on what we’re building up, investing in, and nurturing. It’s about remaking our cities and realigning our budgets with what truly makes us safe. At DJC, we draw our strength from movements that are healing, dreaming, and inspiring. Even as we experience our own sense of outrage and heartbreak, we are also filled with a sense of possibility—for what we are creating in Detroit and what we are joining others to create throughout this country and around the globe. 
A special hello and welcome to all our new newsletter subscribers! We are humbled by the outpouring of support and encouragement we’ve received from all over the world. As we continue to fight for cities and communities where every life is valued, safe, and cared for, we are grateful for everyone who is fighting alongside us. We’ve had a very busy summer so far, and we’re glad to share some highlights with you here.
 Amanda Alexander, Founding ED

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