Our Second Birthday!


The Detroit Justice Center is two years old today!

While this is a difficult and strange time to celebrate anything, we wanted to acknowledge this moment in Detroit. The city is being hit hard by Covid-19, but we also have a deep history of mutual aid and support, and we wanted to encourage folks to participate in that tradition. Last week, we received a $10,000 Covid-19 Rapid Response Grant, which we are giving to the following five groups who are providing critical aid and supplies to Detroiters during this public health crisis. For our birthday, we’d love for you to support them as well.

1) We the People of Detroit – Water warriors have been fighting for water as a human right for many years. During this crisis, despite the moratorium on water shutoffs, lack of water access still presents additional risks for thousands of people, and they are working tirelessly to restore water to Detroiters.

2) Returning Citizens COVID-19 Support Fund As more people are being released from jails and prisons, this group is assisting returning citizens with critical rent, food, utilities, and medical needs.

3) Mutual Aid Fund to Provide Coronavirus Care Packages to People in Prison – We’ve been joining the call to release people from prison, and in the meantime, this mutual aid fundraiser is helping incarcerated people get coronavirus care packages to keep themselves as healthy as possible while government officials turn away.

4) ABISA – This essential mutual aid fund to help Black/African migrants and refugees with food, utilities, housing, water and other needs.

5) Michigan Black Mama’s Day Bailout – This year’s Mama’s Day Bailout is especially critical given the dire health risks posed to incarcerated people. Donations will go toward bailing out Mamas in Wayne, Oakland and Kalamazoo counties.

If you’d like to give to us directly, you can always do so on our website, but these groups are providing critical support during this crisis, and we ask you to support them first.