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Instead of a jail, I would build…

Have you ever dreamed about what would you build instead of a jail? Since summer of 2018, when Wayne County announced they were partnering with Rock Ventures to build a $553 million jail, we have been asking our partners what they would build in its stead. We encourage you do do the same!
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Highway Robbery: How Metro Detroit Cops & Courts Steer Segregation and Drive Incarceration

70% of working Detroiters travel outside of the city for work & 7% of Detroiters take public transportation regularly. These conditions are part of a recipe for wealth extraction and incarceration. Metro Detroit police and courts are engaging in what amounts to highway robbery of marginalized drivers.
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Detroit Police Fact Sheet

A fact sheet that covers how much the city spends on the Detroit Police Department, what the police do with that money, a grounding statement from Movement for Black Lives on what it means to defund the police, and a few ideas on where our tax dollars could go instead.
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Co-ops for Community-Economic Developers

A presentation put together by DJC and Detroit Community Wealth Fund on how to build a co-op in your community.
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Understanding Detroit Property Tax Assessments & Poverty Tax Exemptions

No Detroiter should be at risk of losing their home. Our Community Legal Advocates speak with our Digital Strategist about how to lower your property tax assessment in the city of Detroit. For anyone who thinks their property taxes are too high or are in danger of foreclosure, this video will walk you through what...
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Know Your Rights: Police Interactions

A helpful two-page sheet to help anyone who’s been stopped by the police know what to say, and what their rights are.
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Mapping Injustice: Navigating the Criminal Legal System

A set of resources from the Mapping Injustice series, which will help you better understand what to do if you or a loved one have been stopped by the police, arrested, or are awaiting a court date. There is a syllabus, a glossary of common terms, and links to resources to empower communities in fighting...
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Metro Detroit Policing Graphics

This PDF contains graphics about policing in Dearborn, Livonia, Sterling Heights, Warren, Royal Oak, Ferndale, Eastpointe, The Grosse Pointes, and Inkster. We put these graphics together following our Highway Robbery report, which showed how police and courts in Metro Detroit create an ecosystem that traps people in the cycle of fines and fees. We hope...
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Highway Robbery Traffic Enforcement Toolkits

This set of four toolkits were created for stakeholders who contribute to a system of traffic enforcement that targets poor drivers and locks them into a cycle of fines and fees.
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