What could Detroit build instead of a new jail?

What could Detroit build instead of a new jail? Detroiters have ideas. 

“Instead of building a new jail,  we need to fund teacher professional development around restorative practices.”

“Instead of a new jail, we should build fully funded daycare centers.”

“Instead of new jails, we need housing and no homelessness.”

“Instead of a new jail in Detroit we should fund bringing back conflict resolution in Detroit schools.”

“Instead of a new jail, we need community healing spaces for physical and mental and spiritual health where people aren’t stigmatized for what they’re carrying.”

“Instead of a new jail, we need public transportation that is quick, reliable, and spans the whole community and the city.”

This video was created by community residents who attended Nothing to Lose But Our Chains: A Juneteenth Celebration at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History on June 19, 2018. Complex Movements produced the workshop and video, with original music by Bad Infinity. The Detroit Justice Center co-hosted the event with BYP 100, Complex Movements, Detroit Independent Freedom Schools, Feedom Freedom Growers, Free Siwatu, Good Jobs Now, and Riverwise Magazine. 

For more on the proposed Wayne County Jail, see our fact sheet here