Sophie Ordway

Legal Research Analyst


Sophie is a Legal Research Analyst with the Detroit Justice Center. She recently graduated from the University of Michigan School of Social Work with an MSW degree that focused on social policy and program evaluation. While in school, she interned with Safe & Just Michigan, providing research assistance on a variety of Michigan’s criminal legal policies. She also worked as a research assistant with the UM Carceral State Project as part of the Afterlives of Conviction team, curating a research library on barriers to employment for people who have been involved in the criminal legal system. Prior to her MSW experience, Sophie completed an Americorps year of service and then worked for Goodwill of Greater Grand Rapids, providing employment services to people on parole. Over the last several years, she has becoming increasingly involved in community efforts to bring back a good time credit system to Michigan prisons. Originally from Grand Rapids, Sophie is based in Detroit and is looking forward to contributing to transforming Michigan’s criminal legal and economic systems into something that is truly just.